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    Where to get free cardboard boxes

    There are a lot of things you need when moving. There’s paperwork to do, moving services in NJ to find and much more. And finding good, sturdy cardboard boxes for your things might be one of the most important and most difficult tasks ahead of you. If you do not know where to get free cardboard boxes, then you are in luck! We have the answer for you! In this article, we describe ways as well as give you helpful hints and tips on how to find good, cheap (or free) cardboard boxes for your big move.

    Where to get free cardboard boxes locally

    There are a couple ways to get free cardboard boxes locally. One of the best is going to various shops and stores around the town and ask them if they have any spare boxes for you. You can also search for them amongst your neighbors, friends, and colleges.

    Free cardboard boxes in the local stores

    When looking where to get free cardboard boxes in the local stores, there are a couple of them you can check.

    • Where to get free cardboard boxes?
    • Office supply stores,
    • Bookstores,
    • Grocery,
    • liquor stores, and bars.

    Where to get free cardboard boxes in the office supply stores and bookstores

    Office supply stores often use sturdy boxes when getting their items into the store. These boxes are large and can carry many heavy items since they are quite sturdy. You can visit any local stores and ask to speak to the manager. Be polite and nice, and they might give you some extra boxes and other packing supplies they have. They might even add some packing material they are not using anymore as well!

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    Check office supply stores for free cardboard boxes and other packing materials.


    If they do not have them, you can ask if they will be willing to part with some once they get them. Find out when their shipping days are. You can visit the store at the end of the shipping day for the best chances of getting free cardboard boxes for yourself.

    You can also visit local bookstores. They use sturdy boxes for transporting books and might have some extra ones for you. Your best bet would be visiting big bookstore chains, where a lot of books are coming in and out every day. You can also check hardware and electronic stores as well.

    Boxes from the grocery, liquor stores, and bars

    It is also a good idea to visit your local grocery store. They usually use wooden crates and wooden and cardboard boxes for transporting fruits. These occupy space in any store, so it might be helpful for them if you can take it off their hands. However, avoid vegetable pallets, because those are not as useful. You just cannot really fit many things in them.

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    Bars are great places where you can get free cardboard boxes.


    Liquor stores and bars are also a good destination. The boxes they use are great for bottles and glassware. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should make sure they have the top since many people do not use boxes that have it.

    Finally, you can give restaurants and pharmacies a try as well. Fast foods can also give you fry boxes. These boxes are used to transport fries, which is frozen, so you will not have to deal with the smell.

    Free cardboard boxes in the neighborhood

    When asking where to get free cardboard boxes in the neighborhood, the answer is quite simple. You can just ask around – that might be the easiest way. You might have friends, or your friends might know someone who has moved recently and are willing to lend you their cardboard boxes. Even if they do not have the boxes anymore, they can tell you where to get free cardboard boxes.

    You can also use a bulletin board or something similar your community has to post an ad. Tell them you are looking where to get free cardboard boxes. There might be someone who has some lying around, or they might know someone who does.

    Where to get free cardboard boxes outside local borders

    If you could not find where to get free cardboard boxes locally, it’s time to try and find them online. Again, there are a couple of ways you can go about this. There are a number of websites you can try, you can order free boxes from USPS, or you can talk to your movers NJ.

    How to get free cardboard boxes online

    There are many websites where to get free cardboard boxes online. Different selling or trading websites, such as Craigslist, Freecycle, and U-Haul. For example, Craigslist has a For sale section that says “free”. There you might find people who have moved recently and are giving away their boxes. Freecycle will put you in touch with people giving away their boxes. It’s also great to keep connected to your community. U-Haul might be selling their own boxes, but they have set up a message board for finding free boxes.

    Where to get free cardboard boxes via USPS


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    You can find free cardboard boxes with US postal service.

    A lot of people do not know about this, but United States Postal Service gives away free priority mail boxes. You can visit their webpage and find a box that is the appropriate size. However, keep in mind that the number of boxes you can get is limited. It usually takes between 3 and 5 days for the boxes to arrive at your home.


    Where to get free cardboard boxes with movers

    Finally, you can talk to your moving company about where to get free cardboard boxes. They might have some boxes of their own to offer, or they might have some sturdier boxes you can buy. They can also point you in the right direction of the free cardboard boxes, or give you even more helpful hints and tips on how to find the boxes yourself.