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    Movers are late

    What to do when movers are late?

    It’s really good when everything goes according to plan, and that universal truth is especially relevant when you are moving to New Jersey. The process of moving from one house to another is a stressful event in life when things can go wrong in no time. You try to organize everything, but sometimes it is just not enough. Unfortunately, some things will always remain outside your direct control, no matter how much you try. Like when your movers are late!

    Movers are late
    What to do when movers are late?

    In this article we will give you some tips on what to do if your movers are late to arrive either for pickup or for delivery. Stop looking at your watch nervously and follow these steps to take the best measures according to the situation.

    Are movers always late?

    Definitely not. If you have done your homework correctly and thoroughly studied the various movers before agreeing to use their services, then you will realize that you have chosen a professional company that will not let you down. And if such a respected moving company is late, then this delay must be for a good reason.

    Various things can happen on the road. Your movers can get stuck in traffic or go to the wrong address. Or a moving truck can have a flat tire or some technical problems.

    Regardless of the reasons why your movers do not appear on time, the result is that you are in a difficult situation. And you are afraid that you have been the victim of an NJ moving scam.

    What should you do if your movers are late for the pickup?

    It’s a moving day, and there are no traces of your movers. They should have been at your house to pick up your things a long time ago. What should you do?

    First, don’t panic!

    Even in the worst case, when your moving company does not appear at all, you still have your things. You still do not know why your movers are late. So until you know the actual reason for the delay, you better stay calm.

    Don't panic when movers are late
    Panic is your worst enemy

    Call the company’s office

    You should have their phone number on hand. But if you’ve packed it, find it in a moving contract. Or perform a simple Google search with the company name to access their web page, and then find the “Contact Us” section.

    Explain your situation

    And also ask for the answers why there are no movers at your house. Be firm about asking for specific information. Once you receive confirmation that the team will do this in the end, ask for an approximate arrival time.

    Use the time to make sure everything is ready

    If the delay is only a few hours, you can still make it work. Check if you have collected everything you can. On the other hand, if they tell you that movers will not be at your address until the next day, you will need to make a new schedule.

    If you cannot contact your moving company over the phone, go to their website and find an alternative phone number, such as a mobile phone number, rather than an office number. In any case, keep trying to reach them until they take the phone, which they ultimately have to do.

    Look for last minute movers

    In most cases, some moving companies will come to take your stuff, despite a short notice. Fill in a fast moving quote and within minutes they will contact you to help you solve the unfortunate situation in which you are.

    What to do if movers are late for delivery?

    Once again, don’t panic! As we have said earlier, there are many reasons why home or office movers NJ may be late for delivery. So you should not automatically assume that the worst has already happened. We know that movers who are late with your stuff can be a big problem. But as long as you don’t have more information about what actually happened, remain calm or at least do your best.

    Again, contact the company’s office. You need to find out the reason for the delay. In most cases, it’s just a delay, which can vary from a few hours to a few days.

    Find out how long that delay will be

    If you will only wait a few hours, then you should use this time to do something useful. For example, to perform some tasks in the new house. Is not it much easier to clean a new place when it’s empty, without furniture to interfere? Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to leave your house or apartment in case your movers appear sooner than expected.

    If you have to wait a day or two, or even more, then everything can become quite complicated. Where will you sleep? You can always buy an air mattress or sleeping bag to survive until you collect your furniture. Maybe you can rent a local hotel room until your stuff appear? Staying with a friend in this new city is a great option if you have a friend. And, if you need to go to work, then this is your number one priority. After all, you still have to pay the bills, including moving costs. The whole point is to find a temporary solution that will work for you.

    What if you cannot reach your movers?

    In that case, you may have become a victim of fraud. First of all, contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Because they will give you the best advice on what you should do next. If your movers contact you and require more money to deliver your household items, call the police first.

    How can you avoid such unpleasant situations?

    Feedback for moving companies
    First, check the reviews of the company

    Always check the moving company before you hire them. If you need help, check our tips for hiring reliable movers in NJ. If movers are late, they are not professionals. With the reliable moving company, you will not get in those situations. Simply do your homework before hiring anybody. And your move will go smoothly.