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    Tips for avoiding NJ moving scams

    When moving alone for the first time, you might be scared of many things. That is perfectly normal. You are venturing out into unfamiliar territory. There might seem like there is just so many things to do. Picking Maywood moving professionals you can rely on might be the scariest one for you. But, there isn’t really much to fear. Today, we give you the tips for avoiding NJ moving scams. Read this article carefully, and you will be prepared to make your pick of the best movers New Jersey has to offer. Remember, informing yourself about what you should expect and what to look out for is the best defense against fraudulent movers.

    Types of NJ moving scams

    A girl reading - informing herself about the ways for avoiding NJ moving scams.
    Inform yourself about the types of moving scams.

    First, let’s take a look at different types of moving scams you can run into while moving to New Jersey. Knowing these will help you make a difference between you being scammed, and a moving company making an honest mistake. The trouble with these is that, in the recent times, the moving scams have become hard to spot for an untrained eye. You might realize you are being scammed only after it is too late. This is why it’s very important to pay attention to even smallest details of suspicion right from the start.

    The types of the moving scams you can run into are:

    • Having your items held “hostage” – one of the common moving scams is that a fraudulent moving company will take your items, put them in a storage and refuse to give your items back until you pay an additional fee.
    • Extra costs and hidden expenses – another thing that might happen when working with fraudulent movers is extra costs appearing everywhere the sooner you are approaching the moving date. Some may even ask for more money on the moving date itself. The costs may vary from stair fees, inconvenient approach to the house, etc.
    • Late delivery of your items – the movers might take your items and then fail to deliver them on time.
    • Failing to appear on the moving date – another thing that can happen is that a moving company requests an upfront payment, and then no one shows up when the moving day arrives. Learning the skills necessary for avoiding NJ moving scams can help you with all of these and more!

    Learning the skills for avoiding NJ moving scams

    Now that you know all the types of scams, you are ready to learn about avoiding NJ moving scams. So, what are the things you need to watch out for when looking for Bergen County Movers? Well, there are a couple of things that should raise a red flag. You should start noticing them early in the process of looking for a professional moving company. First, they are never “in the office”. This may not answer the phone or respond to your emails. Remember, one of the most important skills a professional moving company needs to have is great communication with their clients. You cannot plan a move without informing the person who is moving, right? If you feel like a company is not good at communicating their agenda to you, you should probably go with another company.

    A man offering a hand.
    Examine the offers you get.

    The next, look at the offers they give you. You should make a list of a couple of companies that visit your home for an estimate and give you an offer. If there is a company with an exceedingly low offer – it should make you suspicious. Moving is a competitive business, but a company needs to make a profit too. This is why every moving company will give you an offer that’s close to a median value. Also, if a company asks for an upfront payment, know that something is very fishy there. No professional movers will ask for you to pay before you are in your new home.

    Finally, look at the equipment the company has. A reliable company means good, working, reliable equipment. If they are using rental trucks and tools that do not seem like they work properly, you should go with another pick.

    How to find a reliable moving company

    Another great way to avoiding NJ moving scams is knowing how to find a reliable moving company. The first thing you need to do to find a reliable moving company is using the sources you can trust. If your family and friends moved recently, they will be the first you ask for company recommendations. They can be honest about the moving services they received, and how happy they were with a company. You can also ask coworkers you can trust, too.

    A feedback sign - because it is important to get feedback on moving companies.
    Getting feedback can be a great tool for avoiding NJ moving scams.

    Make sure you do a background check on the company you are looking into. There are multiple ways to do this. The first one is by visiting United States Department of Transportation Federal Motors Carrier Safety Administration’s website. Here, you can enter the U.S. DOT number a moving company gave you, and check their information. Look for the insurance they have, as well as the names and addresses they do business as. You do not want to work with a company that keeps changing their location or their name.

    You can also read reviews on websites such as the Better Business Bureau. These can give you an overview of how the company is doing business compared to the other clients. However, be careful of the companies that only have 5-star reviews. Every company that does business for a considerable amount of time will have a couple of unsatisfied customers. If that’s not the case, maybe those reviews are not really all true. Also, beware of the companies that have the same complaint over and over again. This means they do not care about changing their ways.


    To conclude, there are many ways for avoiding NJ moving scamsAll In One Moving gave you a lot of them, but you can always keep an eye out for any trouble to spot more. Remember, sometimes even the experts make mistakes. They are normal in any business. However, by being observant, you should be able to spot a fraudulent company from a professional one. Keeping yourself up-to-date on all this information is the first step, but it’s very important. Good luck!