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All you should know when moving with a baby

Moving house. These are the two words which every person dreads. However, after you join the club of tiny human makers, you tend to dread them even more. After all, living with a baby is difficult. The lack of sleep, clean clothing and constant hurrying makes any parent cranky. So, on the topic of everything you should know when moving with a baby we’re going to place all things which will help you relocate with less stress involved. So, here’s what All in One Moving System has to give you as advice because of their previous experience.

The first thing anyone will tell you is – moving house takes time

Before even looking for local movers in NJ you’re likely to look up some moving tips online. So, the first one you will likely read goes along the lines of ‘start preparation early’. If you’re moving with a baby the advice we want to give you is to add more time to each estimate. Hence, if the regular tips tell you to start your preparations a month early, this won’t be an accurate timeline for you. Instead, we’d suggest adding at least two months on top of that one. While last minute movers in New Jersey may be able to help you cut the time, we wouldn’t recommend it. Rushing a relocation with a young child can not only be stressful for the both of you but can also lead to unnecessary mistakes and costs.

Moving with a baby is an interruption of the routine – but don’t allow it to uproot you completely

When your baby is small, a routine is essential to its development. So, even when moving house with a baby, we need to remind you to keep your usual routine. While it may not be possible to have the same daily tasks at the same times, as usual, you should be able to work moving preparations into your schedule. So, we would suggest that you:

Relocating with a baby means making up clever games on the spot, too.
The best way to prevent any trouble is to plan an activity your baby can do on its own for a while.
  • Create a calendar for the days before your moving date
  • Each day should have some moving activities planned around your usual routine
  • Add at least 10% of the time you’ve planned out for moving activities to the total amount of time
  • Consider if hiring your movers for a packing service with their own packing supplies might make moving with a baby easier for you

When you start preparing your move with a baby you will need to think on your feet

Children are unpredictable. So, when moving with a baby you should keep your mind open for any mishaps which may arise on the way. We advise thinking with a motto along the lines of ‘safety first’. So, the first tip we have for you is being careful when you’re stacking boxes. At some point, you will start to run out of space where you can place your packed boxes. Then, start stacking them in a place where your baby can’t tip them over.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your baby will likely be interested in the moving boxes and supplies. The packing process is something out of the routine and your child will treat it as a new game. Babies often ‘help’ with packing by emptying boxes which have already been finished. So, when moving with a baby to avoid this we suggest creating a ‘moving playpen’. Pick a large box which hasn’t been filled yet, shake it of any dust and place a few of your child’s toys inside. Pretty soon, you’ll be packing your belongings, while your baby will be packing theirs. Of course, if you want to be more creative, here are a few ideas about easy DIY toys made from moving boxes. It’s a perfect way to make moving with a baby a fun occasion!

A sleeping schedule is a necessity when you’re relocating with a small child

Moving with a baby tip - sleep time is pack time.
While your baby is sleeping, it’s the perfect time for you to pack your belongings.

Reading this much into our article, you’re probably trying to figure out when to actually pack already. So, we wanted to bring you this clever tip about moving with a baby. Your child’s sleep time is your pack time. It is the easiest to get into a good packing rhythm without any interruptions. You won’t be glancing over at your baby every ten seconds or having to pack with one hand. As a pro tip from your NJ long distance movers – assemble your boxes beforehand. There is no sound which will wake your baby faster than a packing tape stretching across the edge of a moving box. However, also remember that you need time to rest. If you’re planning on packing during the night, we are going to advise you to re-think that. Rest is another thing you will need when moving with a baby.

Finally, it’s important to be independent – but also useful to accept help when moving with a baby

Moving with a baby requires extra hands.
With your friends helping you out, your baby won’t be ‘lending you a hand’.

Moving with a baby is a task which should be undertaken as a solo mission. Your family and friends will offer help. While you may be tempted to remain super mom and reject the offers, we advise otherwise. Sure, having a moving service pack your belongings is helpful. However, that isn’t the only task when your baby may end up unsupervised. So, having someone help you out when moving with a baby is a good idea, especially for single parents. Hence, we advise accepting offers from friends and family.

And, if you get the chance to ask for help, do. Some people may already know that you’re super mom and won’t offer aid. While you’ll be able to finish the preparations for the relocation on your own, there’s no need. Having a few helping hands is a true relief. It will also give you time to spend a few moments with your old neighbors or friends in the old neighborhood. It’s the perfect chance to say goodbye to your old home while preparing for a move with your baby. Finally, consider offering your helpers some of the things in good condition which you won’t be taking to your new home. It’s a good way to both repay them for their help and lose the unnecessary clutter during the move.