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Short distance moving tips

Moving can be very stressful no matter if you are moving in the same street or few blocks away. But, the good part of short distance moving is that you don’t need much time to plan ahead. But, the most important is to hire local movers NJ – it is the first step in short distance moving process. When you choose the best moving company for your short distance relocation, the next step is to start planning and preparing. We bring you a guide how to do it.

What’s the best way to move short distance?

Of course that the best way to move is to find a balance between price and quality services. If you can find movers in NJ that can give you the best price and best customer services, you find the best way to short distance moving.

Maybe it is cheaper to ask your friends and family to help you relocate, but remember that moving can be very hard for amateurs if you don’t have right equipment and skills. So, do not risk and find affordable moving company.

Short distance moving is easier with professional movers
Use professional help if you want the best way to move a short distance

What’s the easiest way to have short distance relocation?

The easiest way to have successful short distance move is to hire reliable movers in NJ that will help you pack, load and transport your stuff to a new address. Professional movers have right skills and equipment to do it in the easiest way so your move can be smooth and comfortable. You don’t need to waste time and energy on packing and lifting heavy stuff.

Also, if you have some special items and valuable things that need requires special attention – highly-trained movers can help you. For example, if you have to relocate your piano, piano movers NJ is the best relocation partners. It also means that if you have to move your heavy furniture, fine art, pool tables, etc. you should contact moving company to do it for you. Don’t try to do DIY move because it can cause many damages and injuries.

Avoid injuries when you hire professional movers for furniture relocation
If you need to relocate furniture, no matter the distance, you need help from professional packers and movers

How much does it cost to relocate short distance?

One of the most important parts of hiring short distance moving company is the price. You will make your decision based on the price and short distance moving services. So, you need to choose the best price for you and moving services that fit your needs and requirements. Make sure to hire a moving company that fits your moving budget. So, before you hire, ask them to give you a moving estimate and you will know the exact price of your short distance moving.

Relocation price can vary, but with a preliminary calculation of the short distance moving costs will give you a view of your cost. Many things have an impact on the moving price: from the distance, size, and weight of your stuff, additional moving services, etc.

In case of short distance relocation, you should expect to be charged by the hour. The average price for short distance movers is $25 per hour per mover. But, the price can be lower or higher, it depends on other services, distance, stuff, etc. Remember that if you want packing and to unpack services you will need to pay more because these services are extra services and usually cost around $30 per hour.

In case of short distance relocation you should expect to be charged by the hour.
Choose the best price for your moving budget and moving services that fit your needs and requirements.

Short distance moving tips

When moving short distance you need to remember few tips so you can know how to do it efficiently and smoothly.

  • Measure Twice – Move Once

This means you need to measure your new space few times before moving so you can be sure that your old stuff can fit in. In case that you don’t have enough space for all stuff, consider renting storage facilities NJ.

  • Get moving boxes and packing materials

If you don’t want to waste your money on moving boxes for short distance move, try to find them for free. You can ask your local grocery store or in some other place for used moving boxes. Also, buy bubble wrap, labels, and other packing material.

  • Rent a moving truck

If you don’t have enough money to pay professional movers, you can rent a moving truck or ask your friends if someone have to borrow you.

When moving short distance, rent a moving truck
Rent a moving truck for short distance moving
  • Prioritize What You Move and When

When you are moving to one of the neighborhoods in Jersey City, plan how and when to move your stuff. Plan to move all your big items on the same day and your smaller items you can move later. Also, you should move first items you won’t use the move and last you should move are the things you need on a daily basis. For example, you should start first with packing and move stuff like clothes, artwork, and furniture.

  • Declutter before packing

Before you start packing your moving boxes, you should decide what you things you will move and what to throw away, sell or donate. If you have something old or things you won’t use in the future, don’t waste time and money for moving it, instead, you can donate or sell them.

Learn more about short distance moving company

When you start your search for short distance moving company, make sure to know everything about it. Take time and do a good research on the company so you can be sure that you are avoiding moving scams and fraudulent movers. Contact them so you can get all the information you need to know. Also, in this way, you will know the level of their expertise, experience, and reliability.

A short distance move maybe doesn’t seem to you like a big step. But still is a new start, transition and change so try to stay positive and relaxed during the move. Use our tips to help make your move as smooth as possible.