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    Popular NJ places for singles

    New Jersey is a great place to be when single. Even when you had to move here quickly with some reliable last minute movers NJ, and you are worried you won’t be able to figure it out alone, you are in a good place! There are just so many things to do and see in the Garden State! From the many bars that are sprinkled all over the state, to clubs and fancy ballrooms, there is something to fit everyone’s taste! If you are still anxious, though, we have your back. In this article, we tell you about some of the most popular NJ places for singles. Whether you want to party or meet new people, there’s something for you!

    Bars are one of the most popular NJ places for singles

    A bar - one of the most popular NJ places for singles
    Bars are fairly popular in NJ.

    One of the most traditional places any single person can go to is a bar. And there are quite a few bars for singles in NJ. No matter what your tastes in music and beverages are, you will surely find something! Bars are also a perfect place to meet people without organized events and mixers.

    The website published a list of the best bars in 2017, and there is quite a palette of places to visit.

    • Pilsner House and Biergarten took number one spot as one of the most popular NJ places for singles to spend their time in. The indoor-outdoor space in Hoboken can seat a huge number of people, so there is a lot of opportunities to meet new and interesting friends. You can both drink and eat here, so if you are in route to Lincon Tunnel and feel like relaxing, give this place a change.
    • If you are feeling nostalgic for some other times, then you can give Barcade a chance. The bar took number one spot on the list we mentioned in 2016. As the name itself hints, here you can find a mixture of a bar and an arcade. Fancy sipping on a good bear while playing “Pac-Man”? Then this is the place for you.
    • Finally, if you want to enjoy your drink while also admiring the fantastic and breathtaking view of Manhattan, you can head down to Hoboken. There, you will find the place called P13R. Sipping on some run while either enjoying or making fun of New York is a great evening activity for everyone!

    Places to visit if you feel like speed dating

    Two people having coffee and talking
    Looking for romance? Try speed dating.

    When looking into NJ cities for singles, you need to consider dating. Even though there were many skeptics when the concept of speed-dating appeared, nowadays it has become quite common to meet your significant other through these events. However, if there are still those unfamiliar with the concept, we will talk a little bit about what happens at a speed dating event.

    Simply put, the participants are given some time (usually a couple of minutes) to chat with a person and get to know them a little. After the buzzer rings, the participants change, and you get a chance to talk to another person for the same amount of time.

    There are many places in New Jersey that organize speed dating events. The participants are usually separated by age groups, but this also depends on who is organizing the event. One of the most popular places to visit for trying out speed dating is Mount Laurel Aloft hotel, at the WXYZ Bar. NJ First Dates also organizes many speed dating events in Hoboken. These usually take place in Room 84 Bar.

    Popular NJ places for singles and their parties

    A concert
    There are lots of parties in New Jersey.

    If speed dating isn’t really your cup of tea, then you can try to make friends or meet someone at one of the many parties you can find all around New Jersey. There are multiple groups of people that organize parties for singles here, and they fall somewhere between speed dating and the singles bar we wrote about.

    Every Saturday, you can visit Crave Restaurant & Lounge in Fairfield for an outdoor barbecue. A DJ also entertains afterward, and you can go dancing as well. These events are organized by Affinity Singles. The dress code is casual, so you can be free to wear whatever you want.

    If you feel like doing something fancier than barbecue, then give Stepping Out Singles a try. They host events at a couple of venues, and we recommend Matawan’s Buttonwood Manor and Woodbridge Hilton. However, unlike with Affinity Singles, there is a dress code you need to follow here. When partying at these venues, you need to leave your jeans, sneakers, shorts, and T-shirts at home.

    There are various other events in New Jersey

    Finally, if you are looking for something even more unique, there are various other events you can visit. These often revolve around a common theme or similar interests. For example, Harriman Hikers in Mahwah has been organizing hikes for singles for a very, very long time – since 1974, to be exact. Every Sunday, they meet and take a hike somewhere in New Jersey or New York. Of course, you need to inform yourself about these events prior to visiting them. For example, you will not want to go hiking if you are not prepared to do it for seven or eight miles on uneven terrain.

    You can find many other events online. Websites such as Singles Events offer a great deal of information on the topic. You can always find the thing you are looking for with some effort depending on your interest.

    To conclude, there are a lot of reasons to look into moving and storage NJ if you are single. The state offers many opportunities to meet the love of your life and make great new friends. We could, of course, not cover all of the popular NJ places for singles. We only give you an overview of some of the possibilities waiting for you here. It’s up to you to continue your search and change your life.