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    When it began its business in 2005, All in One Moving & Storage was founded on the idea that everyone has a right to enjoy a hassle-free moving experience. And over a decade later, our movers Montvale NJ along with the other moving crews that we employ can offer exactly this. So, if you are looking for a reliable moving solution anywhere in the state of New Jersey, contact us for a free quote.

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    Movers Montvale NJ with a long history of business

    As we mentioned, they started their business back in 2005. This means that they have over a decade of experience when it comes to moving your precious belongings from point A to point B. They are a domestic profit corporation, which means that it has been granted the approval of incorporation by the secretary of state, and is governed by the 2013 New Jersey Revised Statue. Since then, they’ve had a long history of expanding their business not only in their hometown but also throughout the entire state of New Jersey. That being said, they have always operated within the boundaries of the law.

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    New Jersey has no finer moving company to offer.

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    Our palette of NJ moving & storage services

    As they reached success on the local market, we realized that we need to expand our NJ moving services, which are indeed quite numerous today.

    The service, of course, depends on what you need. Some of those are:

    • Packaging service – this includes packing your stuff in such a way that nothing gets broken during the trip. This also includes packing antique, valuable or just vulnerable stuff, be it pianos, mirrors, statues, dishes and the like.
    • Self-packing is also an option. You can have the material and the advice from their experts, but you’re the one doing the packing. This is a good strategy if you want to save your hard-earned money or you simply have a fervent passion for packing stuff;
    • Load/Unload – this one, on the other hand, might be a little too difficult for you to handle yourself unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger. These movers Montvale NJ will do this one for you, considering it’s a thankless job, and is sometimes dangerous, especially if you’ve packed something heavy. One example is a wardrobe.
    • Packing for fragile items only – If you say, have an Ancient Greek statue of historical value, it can be packed separately. Some objects require special protection, and for a good reason.
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    All in One Moving and Storage monitors the entire moving process to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

    Generally speaking, packing is a well-controlled, streamlined process. More so if the packers are professionals who take a sober approach to their duties and obligations.

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    Additional services by movers Montvale NJ

    If none of the services described above fit your needs, there are other services (or a combination thereof ) that will surely be what you need. These are called optional services. For example, let’s say you’re moving from Saddle Brook to New Jersey. Now, as you know, Moving home to New Jersey can be quite a bit of a hassle. You will need some special services to help you on your way. These are, for example:

    • Assemble and disassemble of your furniture and electronics. If you have a gaming desktop, with all of its complex and fragile components, you can ask these movers Montvale NJ to disassemble it into pieces – for example, the monitor, the keyboard, the printer and the case may be packed separately in order to protect them from possible impact. As you well know, some components are extremely sensitive – for example, a Hard Disk Drive;
    • Creating a moving plan – each customer is different. His or her needs may vastly differ. That’s why these movers Montvale NJ have an idea: creating custom plans for each consumer will surely guarantee a satisfied customer, no matter what he or she may actually need when it comes to moving;
    • Cleaning your house – this one seems a bit off. Well, let me explain – cleaning out your home and removing all the clutter that you won’t need is not only a way to reduce moving costs. It is also a way to lead a simpler life when you’re done moving.

    Consider the option of storage rental

    One more service worth mentioning is storage facilities NJ. These guys have professional storage units in which atmospheric conditions are tightly maintained: you know, humidity, temperature, etc.

    However, there is some stuff that you are not allowed to keep in the storage, such as:

    • Firearms and explosives – you can drop these off at a local gun range, they do provide such services. Accidents may happen with such dangerous stuff;
    • Perishables – food attracts insects and no place is safe enough. They thrive in almost every environment and can cause vast damage;
    • Animals – it’s inhumane and impossible, considering the storage is no place for an animal to live;
    • Humans – placing your husband or wife inside for a few days may sound like a good idea at first, but trust me, it isn’t.
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    Movers Montvale NJ definitely worthy of your trust

    No recommendation, no matter how in-depth it is, can match a lived experience. All in One Moving & Storage will make sure that your experience will be memorable and quick. The question is, how do you choose? Well, that’s your own freedom of choice – you pick the company that you want. However, if you’re anywhere in the state of New Jersey and looking to relocate to Montvale, NJ – give us a call for a free estimate.

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    The services our movers Montvale NJ offer entail a wide array of actions taken to move your belongings safe and sound.