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    Moving to Bergen County

    Moving to Bergen County

    Selling your home and moving to Berge County can be very stressful. That’s why you need a little plan and moving checklist with all steps needed for the move. Good organization and Bergen County movers are the key to the successful moving process.

    We bring you few useful tips – how to do relocate to Bergen County in most comfortable and less stressful way. Read our tips and good luck!

    Bergen County, New Jersey

    Bergen County is one of the wealthiest counties in the United States and it is the most populous county in New Jersey. It is located across the Hudson River and The George Washington Bridge is a connection with New York City. Your decision to move to Bergen County can totally change your life, so learn more about this county. You need to know that Bergen County has great transportation system and you are easily connected with New York City. Also, Bergen County is a home to the several colleges and numerous museums. If you are moving with children, this is a place with many outdoor activities and playgrounds for kids. Also, there are many entertainment options for adults same as for kids. Sounds great, right? That’s why it is time to find best moving companies NJ and start packing your bags and boxes.

    Bergen County is located across the Hudson River
    The George Washington Bridge connects Bergen County and New York City

    Moving to Bergen County tips

    When moving to Bergen County you need to follow few tips if you want easy and successful move. It is very important to be well-prepared for this exciting experience.

    Sort and De-clutter

    Before start packing gives yourself time to sort your stuff and to get rid of unnecessary items. It will be a lot easier to pack your moving boxes after you sell or donate stuff you no longer need. So, the first step in the packing process is to sort your stuff like this: Keep, Toss, Donate, Sell or Give to family and friends.

    In this way, you will make an inventory of keeping things. Keep only thing that you really need in your new home, valuables and things with memories.

    Measure all furniture pieces you what to bring with you.  If furniture won’t fit in your new home, leave it or decide what you want to do it with it. In the case when you have stuff that you don’t want to put right now in your new home, or you don’t have enough space, consider renting storage Bergen County. In this way, your stuff will be safe and protected while your space will be clean and not stuffed with things.

    When moving to Bergen County get rid of unnecessary stuff
    Make garage sale to sell or give away stuff you no longer need

    Pack and clean

    While packing moving boxes remember to clean at the same time. It will be a lot easier than cleaning all spaces at the end of packing. Don’t lose your time and energy. Pay attention to clean well your kitchen and bathrooms, especially if you are selling your home. Don’t forget about the basement, clean it and see what you will pack and bring with you. It will be a lot easier to maintain the house during the whole packing process than to do it all on a moving day.

    Packing process for Bergen County relocation

    If you decide to pack yourself, you need to buy or get packing materials and moving boxes. You will need moving boxes in various sizes and shapes. Small boxes you will use to pack heavy things and large will be good for light things. Also, you need to buy bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, and marker. This stuff will help you pack your belonging properly. When you pack fragile items you need to wrap them well to protect them during the move. Consider using bubble wrap or other packing material for extra cushion and security. Also, every box needs to be labeled with the name of the room and the list of the belongings inside them. This will make your unpacking process easier.

    Very important to remember: pack your valuables and transport them yourself. You don’t want that something happens to your jewelry, documents, and art during the move.

    Also, it will be very helpful if you pack an essential box for Bergen County relocation. This box should include essential items you need for first days and nights in your new home. For example, it should include snacks, medications, toiletries, cleaning supplies, clothes, towels, etc. The essential box should be near you during the move, in case that you need something from it.

    If all this packing process seems to you like a very hard task to do, consider hiring reliable movers in NJ to help you with your packing process. Professional packers have skills and equipment to pack properly your stuff. Let them do it, and you can just sit and relax while they are doing their job.

    Packing process for Bergen County relocation
    Pack your moving boxes properly so reduce the risk of damages during the move to Bergen County

    Notify about change of address

    When moving to Bergen County, you should notify everyone about the change of your address. Change it in the post office, driver’s license, bank accounts, utilities, etc.  When you relocate with children make sure to arrange everything for their new school.

    Hire professionals when moving to Bergen County

    Before you start the DIY move to Bergen County, think how many challenges you will have. You need to deal with packing process, selling the house, preparing your children for relocation, finding a new job and many other things. All these moving steps can be easier if you are not doing them alone. With professional help, you don’t need to worry about anything during the move. When you hire trustworthy moving company in New Jersey, your stuff will be safe in hands of experts. They have skills and equipment to handle any type of move and to give you best moving services for your requirements. Also, moving company can provide you with moving insurance which can save you from troubles and covers all damages to your stuff during the move.

    Make your Bergen County relocation easier. Smooth moving experience will be a thing you will brag about to everyone.