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    Cars waiting for the move.

    How to prepare your car for long distance move

    Doesn’t matter where you are moving – to another street in the city or two a different state, there is one thing that always travels with you. That thing is your car. And it doesn’t really matter if you are moving with long distance moving companies NJ, or doing it on your own. You can use your car to store some items while moving. However, your car breaking down in the middle of the move is a really bad thing to happen. In this article, learn how to prepare your car for long distance move.

    Why you need to prepare your car for long distance move

    A car - prepare your car for long distance move.
    Prepare your car for long distance move.

    There are a couple of reasons why preparing your car for a long distance move is beneficial. Your movers will be taking the bulk of your items, but you can carry some with yourself. And in recent years, auto transport NJ has become quite popular because of many reasons. First, professional movers recommend you take jewelry and paperwork with you. However, that does not need to end here. By taking more things with you, there will be fewer left for the movers. This way, you save money that you would pay your movers.

    Another reason why you need to prepare is simple. If anything wrong happens with your car, your options are fewer then you usually have. You obviously cannot go back to your old home – there’s nothing there anymore. In order to reduce the risk of this happening, you should check your car well. Here are the things you need to do:

    • think about replacing old parts of the car,
    • check everything to prepare your car for long distance move,
    • clean your car well.

    Examine the car interior

    One important thing you need to do is examine your car well. Think about the space you have, and how you can use it. Is the car round, with a lot of curves? Then you might reconsider packing everything into boxes. Squared and sturdy cubes don’t really fit well into curved spaces. A better idea would be to pack your items into bags and transport them that way.

    Then, figure out the size of your items, and how many people will be in the car. For lengthy items, you might want to recline your seats so they might fit better. You cannot do this if there are passengers in the car, however. Think about problems like this while examining your car interior.

    Think about replacing old parts

    The inside of a car.
    Make sure everything is working.

    There are a lot of parts of the car that you can replace. However, no one really thinks about replacing them until they stop working completely. Take wind wipers for example. You probably will not change them until you have used them so much they start smearing your windshield instead of cleaning it. And since good vision is very important when you are doing a long distance move, you should consider replacing them. While you are doing it, you might also want to replace the windshield wiper fluid as well – just to be sure.

    There are other parts that you can replace, too. One of the most important things you need to check is your car battery. It’s also a great idea to check the batteries in your car fob. Again, you should do this in order not to get stuck in the middle of the road with no help nearby. As you are checking other parts of your car, you should consider replacing anything that doesn’t work or seems like it is about to stop working.

    One of the most important things you need to check is obviously the brakes. If they seem too worn, or not firm enough, maybe it’s time to replace them. Also, if they are squeaking, vibrating or behaving unusually, you should be careful with them. We do not need to talk about how dangerous it is to drive with faulty brakes.

    Things to check in order to prepare your car for long distance move

    One of the easiest things to check is the car fluids. Make sure you know what they are, and see if the containers are full. Don’t forget to check coolant, power steering and brake fluids. You need to pay attention to your tires as well. Look at the air filter, too, and check the tire pressure. This is quite easy to remedy, and you will want to move with sturdy, well-inflated tires.

    Another thing you need to do in order to prepare your car for long distance move is to update your car supplies. You should always carry a first aid kit with you, so check if everything is stocked well. For good measure, you should also have jumper cables, an umbrella and a blanket in your car.

    Don’t forget to clean your car

    It’s very important to clean your car before the move. It may seem like you are rushing everywhere, and you don’t have enough time to do any of it, but taking a few hours to wash your car will benefit you in multiple ways. First, you will leave a good first impression on your neighbors when you move in. Second, you will use up the cleaning supplies, which means you will have fewer things to transport.

    A person cleaning their car.
    Clean your car before the move.

    Finally, you may find things in your car that you might need (or might need to throw away). You will end up making more room in your car, so you can transport more things. There are also some items NJ movers won’t move, so it will be up to you to do this.


    To conclude, there are many things you can do to prepare your car for long distance move. You need to figure out what space you can use, and what you will use your car for. After that, examine everything and replace all the parts that are broken. Refill your tank and other liquids that your car will need. You do not want to find yourself stranded in the middle of the road with no one there to help you.