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How to pick the right pool table movers?

Any move is always a troublesome process, requiring a huge amount of time. It is necessary to have enough free time, patience, organizational skills. After all, it is very important not only to ensure the loading and transportation of things, household appliances, furniture, but also to worry about the safety of all property. That can be a real trouble if you have a pool table. You can get rid of such worries by hiring pool table movers.

Pool table movers
Hiring pool table movers can save you a lot of time

Long distance moves in New Jersey appeared on the modern market relatively recently, but have already become quite popular among the general population.

Why should you hire movers for pool tables?

Moving is a difficult process to handle alone. And there are some things you can’t do totally by yourself. We know that the apartment move includes many different tasks, each of which requires attention and accuracy:

  1. Transportation of clothes, household things;
  2. Moving furniture, pianos and other large items;
  3. Transportation of household appliances;
  4. Fragile accessories, dishes, and valuables.

Try to transport the pool table yourself. This task is almost impossible. So it’s better to hire the movers NJ, which are able to solve everything by themselves.

Advantages of pool table movers

Cooperation with such companies has many advantages. Among them:

  • availability of specialized equipment, devices, equipment intended for the careful transportation of various items;
  • the list of services of pool table movers usually includes not only loading or transportation but also dismantling, assembling, packing;
  • efficiency – a team of experienced specialists works on every job, each of whom professionally fulfills his duties, knows how to handle all types of property;
  • use of quality packaging materials – films, boxes, scotch tape;
  • reasonable prices – the cost of such complex services will be much lower than individually hiring loaders and transport. Usually, regular customers get a favorable discount;
  • safety – the moving company is responsible for the safety of things. In cases of damage or loss of property, they will reimburse all losses;
  • if necessary, the opportunity to temporarily leave your pool table in special storage.

Why are the professional pool table movers better than your neighbor?

By signing a contract with a professional moving company, you get guarantees that by the appointed time all key participants will be in place: the machine will arrive, the loaders will be able to work, and you will only have to coordinate the process on the spot.

Man carrying heavy boxes
And he is definitely not stronger than all of them

On the other hand, your neighbor, agreeing to help you, does not bear any responsibility for his good deed. He may suddenly have a headache or his “beloved” mother-in-law might be coming. Yes, you will not lose money, because you did not pay anything to him. But you also cannot get the help you expected, so the savings, in this case, are rather doubtful.

Moving company, taking your order, in advance, thinks out an action plan, discusses with you all the nuances, and then prepares to work. Thus, having arrived on the site, loaders always have all the necessary equipment for insurance and transportation of things, additional packaging if necessary.

How to choose the right pool table moving company

The right choice of the pool table movers is a responsible event. Thus, you should give preference to experienced companies that have an impeccable reputation and only positive feedback from customers.

Today, many companies have an official website on the Internet, where you can learn more about their activities and terms of cooperation. By looking at their website, you can also see how serious they are. If they have only a plain website with unclear information about their services, they might be frauds. The real and successful pool table movers know that website is the best ad. Therefore, they will not regret spending money on something that important.

Good companies have a huge fleet of vehicles for a variety of purposes, providing a wide range of services. Particularly carefully selected staff, the team includes only best packers, loaders, and drivers. They are well-trained and willing to help.


A conscientious mover will necessarily propose to conclude a contract and provide guarantees. And that is something you should ask for, too! If they refuse to sign a contract or say that you can “take their word”, find other ones. The contract should include the exact price, the date and time of your move, as well as the moving insurance. Read everything carefully, there might be some tricks. Reliable moving companies will not try to fool you. Their contracts are transparent and easy to understand. Hence, if you do not understand something, maybe it is best to skip that company.

Contract with pool table movers
Don’t do anything without signing a contract

And, finally, find their reviews on websites such as Yelp. The companies cannot control what people write in there. And, most often, there will be some honest opinions and experiences. No company is perfect, so expect to see some negative reviews also. But, as long as they are rare, you can completely trust that company.

Where to look for pool table relocation experts?

Ideal for searching for pool table movers are personal recommendations. Nobody has paid for them, unlike usual advertising. If you have friends who have survived the move, while still satisfied with the cooperation with the moving company, they will gladly share contacts with you.

In all other cases, the Internet and common sense will help you. Feedback from users will help determine the choice. And be sure to discuss all the issues that disturb you before signing the contract. They concern the qualifications of the personnel, the degree of their preparedness, the opportunity to work on weekends and overtime. You do not want that in the middle of the process all the workers turned and went home because it’s already 6 pm?

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