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How to make friends in a new city?

Moving to a new city might seem exciting, but once the process is done, you can find yourself alone. Simply, you forgot to pack your friends when you packed your home. So, what do you do? How do you make new friends at this stage of your life? Well, fear not! This problem might not be so unsolvable, and All in One Moving and Storage NJ is here for you! In this article, we give you a number of suggestions on how to make friends in a new city. Whether this is a big city like Jersey City or a small one, people are usually the same, so you can apply to this guide to most situations.

Remember to get out of the house to make friends in a new city

One of the basic things you need to do in order to make new friends is to get out of the house. Although we are in the age of virtual reality and the Internet, you will need to make “real life” friends. Your friends back home just cannot be there for you every single time. You will need to create a new support system. And you cannot really do this sitting on the computer and chatting with old friends.

A coffee table in the sun - get out of the house to make friends in a new city.
Get out of the house.

So, go out. Explore the city. Try out different restaurants – it’s not a shame to eat alone! If you want to read a book, visit a park and enjoy a day in the sun while reading. If you want to exercise, visit the local gym. This way, you will be doing the things you like, but you will also have an opportunity to meet people who enjoy the same things as you. Whether it’s a good meal, some sun or a long workout, common interests are what connects people.

Say yes

There is a rule of the thumb you can use when moving alone to a new city – and it’s to say yes to everything. Of course, an important thing to note is to always be safe, but apart from that – accept invitations from acquaintances. Doesn’t matter if it’s a co-worker inviting you out to drink after work, a friend of a friend hosting a movie night or a cute guy asking you out on a date. You can visit New Jersey museums or go to different bars and breweries. Doing various things will give you the chance to meet even more new people – as well as learn something new about yourself. If you keep telling no to people, eventually they will just stop asking. Then, it might get pretty hard to make new friends.

People posing in the sunset
Accept invitations – you don’t know what you will learn.

This is also a time to explore what your new hobbies might be but also nurture the old ones. If you were aways into painting – look for an art class nearby. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, you might want to volunteer at an animal shelter or start walking dogs part-time to get used to it first. Doing things you like (and you think you might enjoy), you will meet same-minded people. This way, you will have a starting point – a topic you can talk about, and start your new friendships.

Take the second steps to make friends in a new city

When trying to meet new people and make friends in a foreign city, you should not expect things to just happen to you. You need to make them happen, too. For example, if there are people you find funny, you might want to call them over to hang out next time you are free. If there is an event happening nearby that you think might interest one of your co-workers, extend an invite. This way, you will show you are interested in pursuing a friendship with them, instead of passively waiting for them to take you everywhere they go.

Even though you are new in the city – you can find activities to share with your new friends. You can take them to coffee in your favorite coffee shop. You can ask them to give you a tour of the best places to have fun in New Jersey, or the best places to shop. Just remember to be respectful of different thoughts and opinions, and value them as a person.

Networking can be the key

Another great thing you can use to your advantage are networking skills. Once you make a couple of friends, you might be invited to social gatherings within their own groups of friends. This is a great chance to network, meet new people and learn a bit about them. Any person you meet might become your new best friend!

Board game network
Networking is a great way to make friends.

This is why it’s also important to work on yourself and gain confidence. It’s a simple secret – people like confident people. This is why knowing who you are, and feeling comfortable in your skin is a great thing to feel when trying to make friends in a new city. And even though that might seem hard, remember – everyone has been an outsider at one point in their life. That’s a normal part of growing up. Whether it was at the cafeteria in high school, or at a college party, or when you arrive at your new job. However, having the confidence to make new friends will make you stand out from the crowd.

Another important thing to remember is to remember where you started. Sooner or later, someone else will be the new guy wanting to make friends in a new city. Make them feel welcome. Whether they need recommendations to New Jersey auto transport companies or a good place to have a burger. Invite them to hang out, be curious about who they are, and help them settle in. They will be grateful to you, and you will end up with a great new friend.