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How to make a good moving plan?

Moving often seems like an impossible task. There is just way too many things to do! And sometimes, it seems like you need to do them all at once! However, there is an easy hack to fixing this problem. The solution is simple – you just need to make a good moving plan. A plan that will consist of all the things you need, and that you can follow for an easy local or long distance move to New Jersey. But what makes a good moving plan, and how do you make it? We have the answers for you! Read this article to find out today!

Figure out the timeline when planning

A clock - timeline should be added to a good moving plan.
Figure out the timeline.

One of the first things you need to figure out for any good moving plan is the timeline. Simply put, if you don’t have much time to finish the move, you will need to do everything with haste. If you have quite a lot of time, you can leisurely take step by step, and be prepared in advance. Usually, it is recommended you have at least six months for the whole move – this includes doing paperwork and packing items, as well as working with a moving company.

You should also consider the distance of your move. If it’s a short, local NJ move, you might be able to do it yourself, and in a short amount of time. However, if there is quite a distance you need to cover, then you will have a lot of things to do. Here, you will need professional movers, you might need to ship your items long distance, and even figure out the culture of your new country.

Add the budget to your good moving plan

Another important thing you need to take into consideration when making a good moving plan is to consider your budget. There are many things to factor in. What is your moving budget? How much can you save up for the move? This will help you decide whether you will be moving by yourself or if you will need a mover.

If you are moving for work, then you might need to plan the budget together with your employer. They might be assisting with various paperwork as well as expenses. However, this may differ from case to case, so it is best to just make a meeting with your employer and talk to them about the budget. Make sure you get a written agreement, as well as receipts for all the expenses you have. These will serve as security if there is a misunderstanding later on.

The perfect plan includes your items

Items on a shelf - to be added to the good moving plan.
Figure out what you will do with your stuff.

Another tough decision you will be making when creating a good moving plan is what you will be doing with your items and your furniture. For this process, you might need a week or two. You will need to go through each of your items and decide whether they are staying or going. If you cannot make an immediate decision about an item, leave it for when you have gone through everything once. It will be easier to decide once you see all the things you are taking with you.

Make a designated place in the house where you can put the things you will take with you. This will come in handy once you are packing them. Also, having a separate packing area in the house may be a great idea too.

As far as the things that are staying go, there is a number of things you can do with them. If you are hard-pressed for money, or just need a budget boost, you can sell them. However, this process might last some time, and if need to move quickly, it is often not worth it. The other options are to donate them or throw them away. You should decide what you are doing with them before the move, though.

Add a moving company to your moving plan

People shaking hands like they are arranging a move together.
Find a moving company you can rely on.

Finally, you should start looking for a moving company after you have figured out your furniture. You can look for a company online, or ask around. Maybe your friends and colleges moved recently and can give you recommendations. You should have a list of around ten Bergen County Movers before you start looking at their reviews online. However, you should screen them on websites such as Better Business Bureau or Yelp.

When reading reviews, pay attention to a common thread in negative reviews. This may signal to you that there is an actual problem with a moving company that you will want to bypass. However, also pay attention to only positive reviews. Those companies might be fraudulent and faking their customers. No company can do business without at least one person being less than stellarly satisfied with their service.

Add in-home estimates to your good moving plan

When hiring New Jersey Movers, go for those who offer free in-home estimates. No reputable company will offer to do the estimate of your furniture online. It’s just impossible to do. When the estimator comes to your home, ask them a lot of questions. By the end of the estimate, you should have the company’s U.S. DOT number and a written estimate of the move with the company signature on it. You should also pay attention to how professional an estimator is behaving. Is he merely looking into your rooms, or thoroughly going through your things? Professional and reliable estimators will want to see everything you are taking with you. That is how they will give a complete estimate they can.

Call moving company references as well

Finally, add calling moving company references to your good moving plan, as well! You should get contact information of the people who will vouch for the moving company, including their phone numbers. Make a point of calling them and asking detailed questions about their moving experience. Be sure to ask what they were least satisfied with, too! This way, you will have a clear picture of the company you will be working with, and you will be prepared for anything that happens.