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Family fun in NJ

Moving with family is never easy. Everyone knows just how much stress moving is – you need to pick the best long distance movers NJ, pack your whole house, and deal with so much paperwork. Once you add the kids who need your attention to that, you got your hands full. This is why it is very important for your family to spend some time together after the move. You can go for a stroll, a day at the park, visit some museums or go sightseeing in your new hometown. If you are looking for some good ideas, then this article is for you! Today, we talk about some of the best places for family fun in NJ.

Howell Living History Farm

Howell Living History Farm is a great way to spend a day with your kids and animals. If your kid wants to be a vet – or just learn about the furry friends – this is the place to go! But hanging out with the animals is not the only thing they offer at Howell Farm.

A saddle and a horse - a lot of places for family fun in NJ include them!
Horses are a part of the family fun in NJ!

There are also classes you can enjoy, as well as various festivities. The entrance is free of charge, but the classes have a small fee. You can find the farm in Lambertville, and it’s one of the best places to have fun.

Doylestown Castle

You can find Doylestown Castle in the town whose name it carries – Doylestown, which is just outside of New Jersey. The castle is actually a giant castle playground made of wood – and it’s well worth a visit. It is just amazing – no photo can show you that. It’s one of those “you need to be there to see it” places! If your kids love to be active and adore playgrounds, then this will be a treat for them. And even if they don’t, this might possibly make them move and start enjoying spending time outside.

Environmental Education Center

If your children love nature, then take them to Basking Ridge and visit the Environmental Education Center. Here, you will find an education center where you can take a look at some very interesting displays. You can also go on a hiking trip along one of their amazing hiking trails. What’s especially neat is how even these trails are – even the little ones will enjoy them. You can also make your hike any length you want.

A hiking trail on which you might have family fun in NJ.
There are many great hiking trails in New Jersey.

This is especially great when you are trying to have fun with kids. The Center is at the edge of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, so it spans many, many miles of hiking trails for those who enjoy it. Because of this, and how nice it is for kids, the Center is one of the best places for family fun in NJ.

Trailside Nature Center

Trailside Nature Center, in Watchung, is pretty similar to the Environmental Education Center. This is just a more extensive nature museum, with a free admission – great for parents, and great for kids! Same as the previous center, there are also great classes you can take here. Your children will also enjoy a big playground that’s just a short walking distance away. They can also have fun in the Watchung Stables! Hiking trails away, although some can be a bit more challenging. However, rewards await at the end of many. You might run into the Deserted Village or Lake Surprise if you take a stroll down one of them.

New Jersey State Museum

Once you’ve done with packing services NJ and you moved to your new house, you can consider visiting the state Capitol and spending some quality time there as well. While there, you can visit New Jersey State Museum, which is amazing. However, plan to spend a whole day there, because the place is also huge. Also, keep in mind that there is an admission cost here, but it’s pretty small – only $5 for adults and children over 12 years. The younger kids can enter for free! You can also take a capitol building tour, and pay The Old Barracks a visit as well.

Morris Museum

Another great museum, located in Morristown. If your children enjoy music, they will love it here. There is a fantastic collection of music boxes and automaton here. You can even attend lectures here as well. The admission fee is $10 for adults and $7 for children. However, there is a free admission you can take advantage of on the 2nd and 3rd Thursday every month from 4 to 8 pm.

Spruce Run

After two museums, we go back outside to visit one of the NJ State Parks. There are many amazing and breathtaking state parks, and they are all pretty great places for families in New Jersey. And even though each of these parks has something great to offer (and you won’t miss out if you take your kids to any of them), Spruce Run in Clinton is something special. You can go camping here, or if you don’t feel like it, you can just relax on the beach. However, there are usually admission fees for state parks, and they usually charge per car. Usually, these are $5 for NJ cars and $10 for out of state cars during the weekdays, while on weekends this is $10 for NJ cars and $20 for out of state ones.

Sandy Hook Beach

A pier and a beach in New Jersey.
New Jersey has lovely beaches too!

Finally, if you don’t feel like running around but just spending a day relaxing, head over to Sandy Hook Beach. Sandy Hook is a national park with an admission of $15 per car. However, you don’t have to pay anything if you decide for an evening stroll – there’s no charge after 5 pm. But it’s not only the beach that makes this place special – the historic Fort Hancock is here too! You can also go on a tour of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, which is amazing and free!

Family Fun in NJ

There are many other places you can visit for family fun in NJ. We simply could not cover everything. It falls on you and your family to explore the state and find other hidden treasures and values. The exploration is half the fun! That’s why you should pack up your car and go on an adventure today!