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    A group of Millennials.

    Best Suburbs for Millennials in New Jersey

    If you are an individual born between 1982 and 2004, then you are a Millennial. You have probably heard this term mentioned somewhere in the media since it often gets quite a lot of attention. They are the future of the world, they are what’s ruining, they are those who bring change… There is just so much one can discuss the generation. However, the time has come for them to leave their parents houses (some have been doing it for quite some time) and start settling down into homes of their own. This shift will probably change the landscape of a lot of real estate business in every state. If you are looking into moving and storage NJ, then we give you a list of the best towns and suburbs for Millennials in New Jersey.

    What happened to suburbs for Millenials in New Jersey

    A group of young people.
    Millennials are the bringers of change.

    There is a difference between Millennials and the generations that came before them. After the housing crisis of the 2000s, the generation started moving into bigger cities. Unlike their predecessors who went to smaller suburbs further from city centers, Millennials want to be on the hotspots of events. This is why cities and urbanized suburbs are their main point of interest.

    What they want in their living spaces are simple things:

    • suburbs for Millennials in New Jersey need to have mass transit,
    • they need to be cheap with affordable rents,
    • there needs to be a lot of activity in the suburb.

    What will happen because of Millennials migrating to big areas is still up in the air. The number of people coming in is sure to raise the rent prices. This can end up being counter-productive, however. Most of Millennials are buying (or renting) their property for the very first time. If they run into a market that is not suited for young entrepreneurs, they might just want to push back into the sprawling suburbs of their parents.

    North Bergen is a go-to place

    Manhattan - many suburbs for Millennials in New Jersey have the view of it.
    Enjoy breathtaking Manhattan views.

    North Bergen is attractive to Millenials for a couple of reasons. First, it is close to New York City, and you can enjoy the view of Manhattan from the tops of the residential buildings. Secondly, while the rents in the Big Apple skyrocket, they stay pretty affordable in North Bergen. This and the proximity to NYC (it’s around 30-minute drive away) make the city a hotspot for Millennials.

    In North Bergen, you can enjoy the charms of New York City and still live your life affordably. In fact, many people who work in New York often live in North Bergen and then simply commute. And finally, as a cherry on top, you can find the New Jersey Beer Company here, too!

    Great suburbs for Millennials in New Jersey can be found in Jersey City

    One of the biggest cities in the state, Jersey City offer great chances for Millennials to settle in. Again, one of the main draws for living in Jersey City is its proximity to New York. But that’s not all! If you ever get tired of that busy nightlife, Jersey City has great, engaging opportunities for Millennials, too! There is something for everyone!

    Those who love jogging, walking and being in the sun can do so in one of Jersey City’s many parks. There’s Downtown Jersey City for great dining and good music, where you can hear good local bands and smooth jazz. The affordable rents and modern buildings are also great when comparing them to New York’s rents.

    You can go to Hoboken if you are looking for a job

    A man wind boarding.
    Many suburbs for Millennials in New Jersey are perfect for watersports.

    There are many reasons why Hoboken is often on the top of the best cities for singles in New Jersey lists. The rents are affordable, it is a huge city (the population is estimated at around 55,000 people) and there are quite a lot of job opportunities. This is why a lot of young entrepreneurs are coming to this town.

    There is a lot of activities to do in Hoboken. You can visit the Waterfront Walkway and enjoy sitting by the sea – or doing some water sports. Those who like to party can enjoy one of the many clubs here, and beer lovers will enjoy the Hoboken Brewery. Finally, the low crime rate and how competitive Hoboken is with its cost of living.

    Edgewater’s name says it all

    Right across the Hudson River from Long Island lies Edgewater, another of the best suburbs for Millennials in New Jersey. Just like other New Jersey neighborhoods on our list, its proximity to New York City is a huge benefit for living in Edgewater. Whenever you want to visit the Big Apple, you just need to hop on one of the many public transportation options for a fun night.

    But you don’t only need to go to New York to have fun. There are fine dining and music to enjoy as well in one of the many restaurants and clubs. And just like in other suburbs on our list, the rents are pretty affordable here in contrast to the buys and expensive New York.


    To conclude, there are many great cities and suburbs Millennials flock to. Whether you are looking for a crazy nightlife, good, affordable rent or storage facilities NJ, there is something for every person here. People also often pick New Jersey because of it’s proximity to New York City and the cheaper cost of living. There are those who move here for college, to start their career or to just run away from their family homes.

    All in all, moving to New Jersey will bring new opportunities to you. Hopefully, we have started that journey by introducing you to some of the best suburbs for Millennials in New Jersey. Now all you need to do is call us, and start setting up your move. With the help of our professional movers, moving to New Jersey will be a piece of cake. Hurry up and start your new journey today!