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    Best places to start a business in Bergen County

    Are you looking to start a business in Bergen County? Feeling anxious about the things you need to do or think about? Starting a business always takes time and patience. You need to be very careful when making decisions throughout the whole process. One of the most important decisions you will make is where to actually start your business. A good city will bring in many customers, thus expanding your business. On the other hand, a bad location will only cost you money as well as cause you distress. So what are the best places to start a business in Bergen County? Read our article to find out!


    Hackensack is the seat of Bergen County. Probably the most famous feature of the city is the various neighborhoods you can find here. There is a high-rise district, lovely family homes, older houses with great lands and garden apartment complexes. There is something to suit everyone’s taste when moving to Bergen County.

    It is also a great place to start a business in Bergen County because it is constantly growing. In the span of five years, from 2010 to 2015, the city has gained over 4% population, climbing to almost 45,000 people. This and its high average revenue per business ($2,046,091) give the city its credibility.

    There are almost 13 businesses per 100 people, with the unemployment rate of 4.8 percent.


    Shopping bags - Paramus is a great place to start a business in Bergen County.
    Paramus is great for retail shopping.

    The second place on our list is Paramus. It is a borough with the population of over 25,000 in 2010 – a population that has increased by 2.5% since the 2000 census. What makes is a great place for entrepreneurs is its location close to New York City. Midtown Manhattan is 15 to 20 miles away, while Upper Manhattan is only 8 miles from the suburb.

    Why Paramus is also significant is its shopping district. Although the population is only around 25,000 people, there are more than 5 billions of dollars of profit in retail sales per year. This, along with the percentage of businesses with paid employees (37%) and percentage of owner-occupied housing (88%) makes it a desirable candidate to start your business in.

    The average annual revenue per business is $2,860,858. There are over 16 businesses per 100 people, and the unemployment rate is 4 percent.


    Ramsey is another suburb of New York City that Bergen County Movers can get you to. 26 miles from Midtown Manhattan makes this place exciting to live in, and the same percentage of owner-occupied housing (88%) as in Paramus helps close the deal. Ramsey is another place that is growing rapidly. It has marked a growth of over 4%, and it has over 2,000 large business in the area.

    The average annual revenue per business in Ramsey is $2,501,581. There are almost 13 businesses per 100 people, and the unemployment rate is 4.2 percent.

    Things to think about when you want to start a business in Bergen County

    There is a number of things to take into account when planning to start a business in Bergen County. One of the most important questions to ask yourself is Why? Why are you starting the business? What do you think you will gain from it? What makes your business different from thousand other startups that are popping up each year?

    A pink lemon with yellow lemons.
    What makes your business unique?

    Think about these questions. Maybe you have a unique skill that you can make useful. Maybe your boss is just being a jerk and you are done working for him. However, be clear about your goals and your expectations. Starting a business is always a gamble – you are never sure just exactly how the whole thing will come to pass. And sure, the money is always a thing to look forward to – but figure out if it is also your priority.

    Think about what your business will look like

    You need to think about branding – every business needs it. Whether you are starting a new business or moving your business to Bergen county to start over, you will need to make people think and talk about you. Decide early on what your vision for the business is. This will guide you through most of the phases of developing a business. You will want to stay true to your vision – that way, people will see that and recognize it.

    A person designing a business plan.
    All successful businesses need a plan.

    Next, you will want to design a business plan. This will be your business’ ID. You should include the description of the business and how you are planning to both start and run it, as well as the branding and marketing. Make sure you add the skills of people running and managing the business, who the customers should be, and finally how much money you will need to start and maintain the business until it becomes self-sufficient.

    You can also find more information about making a small business plan on the Small Business Administration website.

    Think about the location

    Finally, you will want to figure out the location of your business. Depending on what you will be doing and where you will be starting your business, there are various things to consider:

    • Do you need to attract customers to your business?
    • Is location important for your business?
    • What factors will influence your business and your workers?
    • How much money do you have to start a business in Bergen County?
    • Will you need extra storage units in Bergen County?

    Think about all of these when starting your business. Basically, anything you can think of will influence the location you will use. You should also think about whether you should buy or rent a space. Usually, you should rent space if you are planning on staying in the area for less than seven years. If you intend to run longer, then buying a space might be your best bet.

    When you start a business in Bergen County though (or anywhere for that matter), you are never sure how successful you will be at the start. This is why it might be the best to start renting a space for at least a year. After that, you will get a feel about how successful you can grow, and decide to settle down in some space.