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    Best cities for singles in New Jersey

    Moving as a single person has both its advantages and disadvantages. First, there is no family you need to worry about. Fewer people are moving, less stress there is for you. You will also have fewer things to pack and move, which may end up easier for your budget, as well. However, when moving alone and finding yourself in a new surrounding, you need to make a new support system. You will be alone for some time, and some people find that confusing and frightening. Luckily, there are some cities that are more welcoming to singles than the others. And if you are moving to Jersey, then you are in luck! In this article, find out our pick of the best cities for singles in New Jersey.

    1. Hoboken

    A man going to New York - which makes Hoboken one of the best cities for singles in New Jersey.
    New York is just a short trip away.

    Hoboken is a city in Hudson County, with a population of approximately 50,000 people. It is part of the New York metro area and is the home of Hoboken Terminal, which is a major mass transit hub for the whole area. What makes Hoboken amazing for the singles is a couple of things. First, the median age of the city is 31.6, which makes Hoboken a city filled with young people. Also, nearly 40% of the residents have never been married. Add to that the fact that Hoboken has a bustling nightlife and how close to the New York City it is, and you have one of the best cities for singles in New Jersey.

    2. Princeton

    Princeton carries the name of the Ivy League college that calls this city home, along with 30,000 people who live here. With 34% of residents who are single, this is quite an attractive destination for singles in New Jersey. Not only that, but Princeton is almost exactly on the halfway point between New York City and Philadelphia. If you like to change and diversify your nightlife, this is the city for you. Bouncing between the two major cities is not a problem in Princeton. And finally, if you feel like partying locally, the town itself offers a great nightlife for its student-based population.

    3. Jersey City

    How can we talk about best cities for singles in New Jersey without mentioning Jersey City itself? With the population of around 260,000 people, it offers a lot of chances for meeting and making new friends. The high single population (24%) is also great for those looking to get serious, as well. But not only that – Jersey City offers a variety of activities for you to enjoy, and you can visit the waterfront neighborhoods for an exciting nightlife, too.

    4. Hackensack

    A burger.
    Best burgers in the state are here.

    Hackensack is the county seat of Bergen County, which is the most populous county in the state of New Jersey. The median age of 38.9 years may be a bit higher than the others cities on our list, but married households are only 34.8% of the approximately 45,000 people who live here. What Hackensack has to offer, though, are some of the best burgers in the whole state, as well as a variety of pubs and bars. If you like food and drink, this is a place to visit before calling commercial moving professionals in New Jersey.

    5. Weehawken

    Those who cannot afford to move to Hoboken can easily move to the town right next to it – Weehawken. With the 25% of the 13.5 thousand people being single, it’s quite an attractive destination. Even though Weehawken may not be as hip and trendy as its neighbor, it has just as much to offer. First, there is the nightlife in Weehawken itself that you can enjoy. If you get tired from that, you can easily jump to Hoboken, or make a short trip to New York City itself. If you are considering moving to Weehawken, All in One Moving and Storage NJ suggests you check out their Port Imperial neighborhood, which is coming into its own in the recent years.

    6. North Arlington

    Another city in the Bergen County, North Arlington has the population of approximately 16,000 people and a lot to offer. If you are fond of smaller towns, or a person who doesn’t party that often, this is the place for you. Even once you do get an itch to go out, you can simply take the 15 miles trip to New York City and have a blast, then return to your little suburb. North Arlington also has a habit of ending up on the top ten best places to live in the United States. For example, in 2017, TIME magazine named it the eight best.

    7. Palisade Park

    Palisade Park is yet another borough in Bergen County. The population of approximately 21,000 people and the 22% of the single population, it is another one of the best cities for singles in New Jersey to look out for. The foodies of the world may be attracted to move here because Palisade Park has an amazing array of dining options for you and your future dates. And being a melting pot of cultures in New Jersey, the food you can find here offer both variety and taste.

    8. Morristown

    A book for reading about the history.
    History fans will enjoy Morristown.

    Finally, there is Morristown. The city is a home to Drew University, another big campus in New Jersey. The population of the town is approximately 20,000 people, it is very diverse and 21% of them are single. But it’s not only college parties here. While the city does offer an exciting nightlife, there is also the historical district that is worth checking out.

    The best cities for singles in New Jersey – conclusion

    This was our list of the eight best cities for singles New Jersey. Keep in mind that moving is quite a big task and that you should think carefully before picking a decision. It’s always a great idea to inform yourself even more about any city that piqued your interest. Moving also takes a lot of work, and it’s a great idea to call moving services NJ to help you with it. Professional movers can not only help with your move but also give you some tips and pointers about New Jersey itself. If you are ready to move, then grab your phone and call us today.