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Relocating to stunning natural waterways & scenic hiking trails?

Bergen County is located in New Jersey, situated within the Gateway Region, the largest county in the state in terms of population, and is considered an extension of the New York City metro area. Bergen County, NJ is exceptionally wealthy, ranked as one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. divided into 70 municipalities bordered by the Hudson River. A suburban lifestyle area, complete with excellent school systems, Bergen County, NJ is the perfect place to live. This Hudson County township is just across the Hudson River from Manhattan and offers budget-friendly housing, family-friendly communities, a growing job market, bustling downtowns, incredible restaurants, world-class entertainment, and more. It offers a little bit of everything for families, singles, kids, and seniors like; great schools, low crime rates, community programs, athletics, and all of the other resources provided.
This scenic area has an extensive park system and easy access to the New York City metropolitan area. Bergen County is, in fact, one of the best counties fulfilling your American Dream, for becoming a homeowner in New Jersey.

Looking for tailor-fitted Bergen County Moving Services?
All in One Moving and Storage is the most successful privately owned locally operated moving company in the state of Bergen County, New Jersey, offers a variety of packing and moving services to take care of every aspect of your move. We take time to guarantee your precious furniture, art, collections and other sentimental household items arrive unscathed at your new home. We specialize in residential or commercial moving, our experience, expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction have allowed us to grow and make a transition easier and smoother for you and your family. We handle our clients’ local moves with the same level of respect and attention strategic planning & careful packing as we do our long-distance moves whether it’s residential or commercial. All in One Moving and Storage offers a range of reliable moving services to minimize the amount of time you spend worrying, planning, or organizing.

A long-distance move is like assembling a complex puzzle, the entire process is often a hassle, a great deal of the smallest and most intricate pieces must be packed and errands must be run. Our experience, training, and professionalism allow both households and businesses to move without any of the normal stress, or confusion. Far away or long distance moving isn’t an easy thing to do but we’ve made with our level of commitment, reputation for facilitating smooth, organized, stress-free moves, and safe delivery of your precious belongings and possessions, from door-to-door. Our goal is to provide a streamlined and stress-free moving process by offering full-move service, partial move service, labor only, specialty item moving, and residential or commercial moving whether local or long distance.
We can lift heavy items, pack, unpack, assemble, reassemble and disassemble furniture, and store and transport your goods, taking the weight off your shoulders literally rapidly and efficiently with utmost care. Moving can be costly, time-consuming, and laborious, but All in One Moving and Storage has a proven track record and experience in getting the job done strategically. We have been providing unsurpassed Moving & Storage Services to families throughout Bergen County, NJ, you can count on our team of dedicated, full-time employees to provide you and your family with a flawless, dependable moving experience. We are prepared to pack & move the most complicated room in the house filled with fragile, heavy, and oddly shaped objects which are costly to replace. Knowing the components of a kitchen we can conquer this challenge with proper planning with thoughtfully-made techniques.
We offer storage services to keep your personal belongings safe and secure if you’re expecting a gap between the times you move out of your old place and into your new one until you’re ready for them. We can handle any move—big or small. Our professional movers strive to overcome challenges you may encounter during your move and are experienced in handling problems that arise on moving day. Although, challenges like; parking regulations, building restrictions, and traffic congestion can all add to the stress of your move whether you’re relocating to the next block or across town All in One Moving and Storage knows how to tackle these challenges. Our movers are professional, attentive, and efficient take special care, and put so much attention to ensure your belongings are sorted and organized to your specifications and packed with care, and arrive securely at your new home. Call us at (201) 379-4294 to get a free estimate of your move.

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Our team know, very familiar with Bergen County, NJ, and has mastered the challenge of moving households quickly and efficiently through crowded neighborhoods, helping families move to a number of locations across the county
There will be no surprise costs on moving day, you never have to worry about surprise fees or mystery add-ons when you receive your final moving bill. We strive to satisfy our customers and make sure their move is as inexpensive as possible.

Keep these simple tips in mind to make your move hassle-free.

  • Make a schedule to complete several moving-related tasks before the move.
  • Check your insurance coverage.
  • Write down everything you own to ensure you don’t leave anything behind.
  • Keeping like items together, packing, and labeling by room will make it easier to unpack or find important belongings that you need to access.
  • Be prepared for the moving truck, and ask to see if there are any regulations that would restrict the truck from parking.
  • The simplest and most cost-efficient way of moving is to engage a professional moving company to save time.
  • Negotiate The Lowest Moving Price for moving all your possessions from Point A to Point B economically
  • Do research when hiring a moving company.
  • Negotiate the lowest moving price for moving all your possessions from Point A to Point B economically

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