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Tips for renting a family house in Saddle Brook

Renting a house has become quite popular in recent years. You might find a house in a great location – like Saddle Brook – that’s for rent. So why not have your vacation there, instead of visiting hotels. Or maybe you wonder exactly how to know which cheap homes for rent in NJ are the good ones, and which you should avoid? If you are dealing with these, and similar issues, then All in One Moving and Storage NJ has your back! Today, we give you everything you need to know about renting a family house in Saddle Brook. Continue reading “Tips for renting a family house in Saddle Brook”

Best places for families in New Jersey

Are you planning to move to New Jersey? You hired All in One Moving and Storage NJ to make you move go smoothly? Great choice! From the public schools to the favorite visitors and coastal cities, there is no shortage of reasons for loving the State Garden. But what makes the cities in New Jersey a great place to live and raise children? We answer that question with this list of the best places for families in New Jersey. Continue reading “Best places for families in New Jersey”

How to find a good job in New Jersey?

So you thought that finding reliable moving and storage companies in Bergen County would be hard? (Or anywhere else in New Jersey, for that matter). Well, now you have finished your move, and you are in your new home. You have unpacked, and you have a moment to catch your breath and relax. What’s next? You will probably want to find work. However, now comes the really hard part – finding work can sometimes be tough. It is a competitive market and everyone is searching for work. So, how do you find a good job in New Jersey? Continue reading “How to find a good job in New Jersey?”

Easy guide for packing your basement

Each person has to move at some point in his life. That can be either to distant places or to another place of residence, near the previous address. Both in the first and in the second case, packing, transportation of things seems painful. And among the rooms that are difficult to pack is definitely the basement. We will give you some tips how to save your time and nerves when packing your basement. Continue reading “Easy guide for packing your basement”

How to find a decent real estate agent in Jersey City?

Doing transactions with real estate requires a lot of effort and time, as well as the special knowledge. However, not everyone has the opportunity and desire to delve into the legal subtleties and spend hours studying the ads. In this case, it is worth thinking about how to turn to a professional. However, attracting real estate agent in Jersey City to the case is usually a last resort. Continue reading “How to find a decent real estate agent in Jersey City?”

How to evaluate rental real estate?

Are you planning to buy a rental real state? But you are not sure which one? Then you came to the right place. Finding the right real estate is not easy, and we know that. You can check various factors, and you can still be unhappy with your choice. We will give you a couple of tips where to look and how to evaluate rental real estate. Continue reading “How to evaluate rental real estate?”

NJ museums you should visit

Have you moved to New Jersey? Great, that was a good decision! You have hired long distance movers in New Jersey and moved. But what next? Where to go after that? There are plenty of places you can visit in that state. One of the most famous attractions is definitely the Atlantic City. There are also many parks, as well as recreational areas. But, something you must visit is NJ museums.

Atlantic City
Nightlife is not the only entertainment in NJ

Museums in NJ are very interesting, and everybody can find something for themselves. We have made a list of the most interesting New Jersey museums. Have a look and see why moving to New Jersey was one of the best decisions in your life.

Why should you visit NJ museums?

One of the most important things we need to take care of is our history. Museums are places where you can see pieces of your country’s history and get familiar with it. They are often considered to be one of the biggest treasures of any country. Besides that, in museums in New Jersey, you can find a lot of interesting things to occupy your children. The main criteria for our list were how family-friendly those New Jersey museums are. Also, we had criteria such as:

  • Public trust and accountability – group of various standards, including the ones regarding an Institutional Code of Ethics;
  • Mission and planning;
  • Collections stewardship – the guides in NJ museums are usually well trained and experienced, with a lot of knowledge;
  • Education – museums in NJ must have some educational characteristic.

Here is our list of the most interesting NJ museums

Franklin Mineral Museum

This museum is in the Evans Street, Franklin. It has most of the different fluorescent minerals that were discovered in Franklin Area. Seeing those minerals can be interesting enough, but there is even greater fun there. You can dig for those minerals yourself! After you find a mineral, members of the Museum staff check your discovery with ultraviolet lamps. Admission to this museum goes from $5 to $24.

Grammy Museum Experience

It is at Prudential Center in Newark. There you can explore the history of the Grammys through interactive exhibits. You can take drum lessons with Max Weinberg or maybe rap with Wyclef Jean. You can also see Jersey-related artifacts, including Count Basie’s captain’s hat, as well as Whitney Houston’s gowns.

Heritage Glass Museum


Milk bottles
One of the items you can see are popular milk bottles

This museum is specific due to the fact that most volunteers run it. It explores the local history of the glass industry. Here you can see many artifacts, including the Heston Bottle from 1784. You can also see exhibits that show practical uses of glass, as well as artistic creations. If that sounds interesting, you need to travel to Glassboro.


Imagine That

Exhibitions in this museum in Florham Park encourage children to use their imagination. It is perfect for children who like history since there is a medieval castle with knights and dragons. There are also sensory lights and sound.

Matchbox Road Museum

This is a very large museum in Newfield on 2,100 square feet. It offers the exhibition of more than 55,000 miniature cars, trucks and other vehicles from the Matchbox line. Newfield mayor Everett Marshall started the museum in 1992 to show his collection. Through the artifacts, you can see the evolution of automotive design.

Monmouth Museum

This interesting museum is on the campus of Brookdale Community College in Lincroft. It engages children and people of all age. It has attractions for preschool kids, for the ones from the elementary school, as well as the contemporary art galleries for adults.

Morris Museum

The museum in Morristown has morning tours for 2-5 years old children. It also organizes Family Fun Days with various interesting themes. Very amusing part is the Bickford Theatre. You can also attend some special programs, lectures, and studio art classes.

Newark Museum

That is the Garden State’s largest museum. On Saturdays, your children can learn a lot about the collections in the museum. That can be through storytelling, music, dance and drawing programs. There is also the Alice & Leonard Dreyfuss Planetarium.

New Jersey State Museum

The State Museum of New Jersey is located on West Street 205 in Trenton, New Jersey, near the Delaware River. The main collection of museum specimens, artifacts, and museum items dates back to the objects collected in the early 19th century. The museum also includes a 140-seat planetarium and a 384-seat auditorium. Your children can participate in the Small Explorers program every third Saturday of the month. Every month has its own theme.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum

This museum is 80 feet below ground. It offers tours of the zinc shafts and tunnels. The most astonishing part of the tour is the Rainbow Tunnel with fluorescent minerals and gems. The museum has over 10,000 items, including historic mining equipment, as well as minerals from all around the world.

Stone Museum

This is actually only a part of a huge theme park in Monroe. There are four wedding sites, dinosaurs out of car parts and many other things. The museum itself has a massive collection of minerals.

Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center

It is a small museum on the campus of Montclair State University. This is one of the most intriguing NJ museums since it is dedicated to one of America’s favorite things – baseball. Among the other stuff, there you can see the collection of the World Series rings won by New York Yankee teams.

Why are those NJ museums worth of visit?

Rocks and fossils that you can see when visiting NJ museums
Visiting NJ museums can be a great experience for both you, and your children

We know that fun for free is usually what people try to find after the move. But, if you want to spend your free time well, and to entertain your children at the same time, museums in New Jersey are the right places for you. Visiting NJ museums you can learn a lot about your country’s history and completely enjoy your day.

Moving to New Jersey

Locals in New Jersey can’t say enough good things about the state. So, if you’re thinking that it’s time you joined the populous, we completely understand that. So, as long-distance movers in New Jersey who have had the chance to help a number of homeowners relocate here we wanted to give you some information. We’re going to talk a little bit about the pros of moving to New Jersey. Then, we’ll also mention some cons in order to set your expectations in a realistic way. But, before all of that, we’re going to tell you the most important things about moving house, in general. So, without further ado, we present you with the guide to moving to New Jersey – everything you need to know and more!

Moving house to NJ: the detailed breakdown you should know

The first time you actually move house as a homeowner is after you’re done with your after-college apartment. Before that, your parents were directing the whole relocation and telling you what to do and how to do it. So, we tend to get a lot of customers who aren’t really sure how to move to New Jersey but know the basics. Hence, we wanted to make this relocation completely hassle-free for you. Here’s what you should know about moving house from scratch.

When organizing your New Jersey relocation start with the budget

Knowing what your financial situation is and just how much you can spend on relocation is a great starting point. Moving to New Jersey comes with various expenses, some of which most homeowners tend to forget. If you begin preparing for your relocation early enough, in our opinion about two months in advance or so, you should start with a small online search. Since home prices, moving costs and various other expenses change on a daily basis, this should be your beginning. In our experience, it’s always good to have one place where you can jot down all of this information. We suggest opening up a moving binder for your New Jersey relocation. There, you can write everything about the move and also keep all the important documents safe.

If you're relocating to NJ you should have a budget plan.
Start your relocation to NJ plan with a good budget estimate…

When creating your moving budget for NJ relocation there are a lot of things to include. So, start from the beginning. You will need to find out about broker fees and write down this expense. Next, you should also include an average price of the kind of home you’re looking to rent or buy. Moving to New Jersey will also mean employing some sort of relocation service. We suggest writing down the different prices of your options. Write down how much would you estimate a DIY relocation to cost and how much it would be if you hired a moving company for it. Finally, add any expenses which you may have once you move into your new home in New Jersey. With a total, you should add 15% of it and will get a relatively accurate estimate of your relocation.

Next, you will need to contact good movers to help you relocate to New Jersey

Hiring a moving company for relocation or doing a DIY job is a common question among homeowners. There is a myth in the moving industry which says that the latter is cheaper. But, in our experience, this isn’t the case. We’ve had plenty of customers tell us that our quotes were much more affordable than their previous DIY relocation. So, we always advise using a good NJ moving company when moving to New Jersey.

But, this doesn’t mean that they have to do everything:

Moving to New Jersey with a piano is difficult, ask your movers about special services which they offer to keep it safe.
If you have any difficult items, ask your movers about the services which will keep them safe during relocation to NJ.
  • A completely DIY move – it will take more time. This means that you’ll do everything from renting the moving van, packing to loading and unloading your belongings. It’s not a good option when moving a big home to New Jersey. But, this is the perfect way to relocate a nearby studio apartment.
  • A half-half relocation with local New Jersey movers – a bit of heavy lifting. This means that you will be packing and your movers will be loading and unloading. It’s a method which makes moving to New Jersey both affordable and not too stressful.
  • Only difficult items packing service relocation – where movers give a helping hand. This is the kind of move where you have either a large wardrobe, piano or other difficult items for packing and moving. Your NJ moving company helps you safely prepare them for the relocation, too.
  • Completely moving company move – the full NJ moving services package. This is a completely hassle-free move for a certain price. We mostly suggest it to our customers who aren’t concerned too much with the costs, but rather the stress, efficiency, and safety when moving. These kinds of services mean that your moving company will send workers to your home on moving day. They will pack, load, transport, unload and finally unpack your home from scratch.

Finally, think about the packing supplies which you will need when moving to New Jersey, as well

After you have your budget and your moving plan all figured out, packing supplies are the last task to finish. You will need high-quality, sturdy and safe items to keep all of your belongings intact. In case you’ve opted for a complete moving service by a relocation company, you can simply ignore this paragraph. Your movers will bring all the supplies and do the packing for you. Though, if this isn’t the case, we’ve got a bit of advice.

There are various ways how you can get the necessary boxes and packing materials. If you’re looking to cut the costs as much as possible, look for free moving boxes NJ at a local store, Walmart or Craigslist. But, in case you want guaranteed quality, we advise asking your movers about the packing supplies NJ which they offer. Even if they aren’t providing a packing service, they will surely give you a great deal for your supplies.

And, with all of this, you should be set when moving to New Jersey logistics are concerned. But, we still have a few things which we wanted to tell you about the state itself…

Moving to New Jersey: The perks of The Garden State

We’ve mentioned that locals are proud to live in New Jersey. But, what are these things which they have to be proud of? Well, in case you’re just thinking of moving to NJ, this is the part of the article to read. We’re going to give you a short rundown of why our customers are moving to New Jersey. And, we promise to also give you a few reasons why we love our state, as well.

First, there is the matter of New Jersey’s location convenience to consider

If you think about it, it’s quite obvious. New Jersey has one of the best locations in the USA. It’s right in the middle of all the action. If you’re a fan of a shopping weekend or a clubbing one, New York is right there. And, in case you’re a history buff, the Empire State Building and the Liberty Bell are just the beginning. With Pennsylvania right there, there is plenty to see. And, there is simply something magical about going on a road trip, as well.

If you decide to explore the west, however, you’ve got quite a few options, too. Iowa and West Virginia are two of the most popular destinations, as far as we know. Though, while the location state-wise is great, this doesn’t mean that New Jersey lacks its own entertainment. After moving to New Jersey, we’d suggest reading up of free fun in Jersey City. Not only will it be a great way to explore your new home, but also affordable.


Enjoy your pizza like the locals do - delicious with plenty of amazing tomatoes.
If you’re a pizza lover you’ll fit right in with the NJ locals.


Next, the food in New Jersey will completely win you over

It really doesn’t matter if you prefer to eat healthy, vegan, meat or organic. Any and every preference is welcome when moving to New Jersey. Why? Because there is something for each eccentric wish here. First of all, we feel like we should talk about pizza, though. If New York City is the place in the States which values it the most, New Jersey comes in close second. Every local has their own favorite spot which they will recommend. And, we

If you're a lover of fresh vegetables and blueberries, you'll fit right in in NJ.
Blueberries in New Jersey are among the best in the country.

suggest checking them all out! So, prepare a piece of paper or a note on your phone to keep track of all of them. In fact, we’re happy to help you get started. We suggest DeLorenzo’s in Trenton, as well as Pete and Elda’s in Neptune City. As for the rest, we will let you collect a few names.

But, other than pizza, there are some other things which you simply shouldn’t miss trying after moving to New Jersey. Start with the countrywide famous blueberries. If you head out to one of the numerous markets across the country you will get the chance to realize just how much fresh vegetables are available in NJ. There is simply no way not to eat healthy here.

Finally, we’d like to tell you a bit about the one-stop sports shop which moving to NJ offers

Swimming? We have it. Hiking in the wilderness? Check. Climbing a mountain? Available. A leisurely day in the city for a break? Right here. Now, you tell us, is there anything else you would want from a state? Exactly! And, the best part about moving to New Jersey is that there isn’t too much of a distance between these spots. So, if you’re going for a recreation weekend with friends or family, you can do all of these activities during it. It’s a simple drive from one destination to the other.

Moving to New Jersey means leading a more active lifestyle.
New Jersey doesn’t lack in scenery which you can enjoy during an active weekend.


There is always the downside: What you should know before moving to NJ

With so many pros you wonder why there aren’t more people living in New Jersey? Well, we’ll try and answer that. There is a drawback for each perk, as always. So, here’s what you should know before moving to New Jersey in order to set your expectations in a realistic way.

New Jersey is infamous for its taxes, and for good reason

It doesn’t matter where you’re moving from, when coming to NJ you will be shocked by the taxes. They are always high, the highest in the country in fact. As it follows, they are also always the topic of the locals, as well. Let us give you a small breakdown. When moving to New Jersey you will quickly learn that property taxes are the highest. In fact, they are at an average rate of 2.19%. Luckily, NJ income taxes aren’t too high, but rather average. So, depending on the situation, you may be losing money or breaking even. We advise also looking up well-paid jobs in Jersey City if you’re in the market for employment. They are plentiful and quite lucrative. And, they are also the perfect way to battle high taxes.

If you don't know about the high taxes in NJ, you will now...
The New Jersey taxes will hit you hard – it’s important to be prepared.


We also feel like we should mention the expenses of living in a home in New Jersey, too

From our experience as last-minute movers NJ, we’ve found that not many homeowners think about the difference of expenses. And, when moving from an apartment to a house, which is a common home in NJ, there is this to consider. So, what we advise is to write down your own utilities and other costs on a monthly basis down. Then, calculate what kind of money you would be prepared to give extra for these. So, when you’re looking at different homes with your broker, you will be able to ask about this.

Before committing to moving to New Jersey, you should always ask about the average prices of utilities. We’ve had a number of our customers tell us that they hadn’t really been prepared for those. And, while the taxes are quite a burden, it was the monthly commodities which really proved troublesome for their budget. Hence, in order to be content in your new home in NJ, be sure to ask plenty of questions of the realtor and compare the costs of living.

Top neighborhoods in Jersey City

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