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Loss and Damage and / or Customer  Service Claim Procedures

Please read the following Procedures to ensure a smooth resolution to  your Claim / Complaint.

Claim / Complaint Filing  Procedures: As per company TERMS AND CONDITIONS,

in the unlikely  event a customer realizes that some of their goods are damaged or missing, or if  they feel that they have been over-charged or charged for services that they  didn’t received prior,

during or after services were completed, all customers FULLY understand that they MUST initially give the service  provider (Moving Company) the FIRST  RIGHT to fully investigate and respond in writing with a resolution to  their issues.

To file your claim / complaint, please contact our  Claims and customer retention Processing Company at or you may Mail your inquiry to: –  P.O. Box 630686 – Miami, FL 33163.

When entering the site please click on the “Filing a  Claim” tab to start the process of your claim. Please have your full name as  it appears on the Bill of Lading (Contract), the legal name of your moving  company, job number or order number of your account, your email address and a  phone number where we can contact you.

Upon receiving your information, a Claim Registration  Acknowledgement Notice will be sent to you (Via email) to confirm that your  claim has entered to our system. Note: Please make sure to check your  junk or spam folders for our Claim Acknowledgement Notice email. If you need to  contact us via phone, please have your full name as it appears on the form you  filled online.

In the event you are not satisfied when a resolution is  made to your claim / complaint against the company, ONLY THEN you may  contact any state, city, government, insurance, and consumer group such as the  BBB, public, media organization, internet website or credit card  agency.

Filing Time Frame: A claim for Loss, Damage, Delay or Overcharge must be  filed in writing with your carrier (through us) within 9 months of delivery for  international or interstate moves or within approx. 15-90 days for local or  intrastate moves depending on your local state regulations. You MUST check on  the back of your Bill of Lading for the correct time limit to file a claim or  you may contact your carrier directly to inquire about the time limit. Federal  regulations allow up to 120 days for claims to be offered settlements or denied.  If the investigation of a claim requires additional time beyond the 120 days, an  extension notice must be provided every 60 consecutive days, until claim a  settlement has been offered or denied in writing to the  customer.

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